About the Leader’s Fairytales

In my former career as an historical anthropologist, I’ve always been struck by a particular quality of stories from a time far away – strange, exaggerated and often utterly illogical to the modern eye. They let us observe and discover aspects of human behaviour, groups, and societies, which are present in our own lives, but so much easier to notice in the story – because their setting is so strange, exaggerated and illogical.

The other observation was made by a former employer of mine, in the field of organisational development and leadership training. “Why is it”, he said, “that I perfectly remember many details of a Clint Eastwood movie I’ve seen several decades ago, while I cannot remember any of the non-fiction books I’ve read back then?”

But in the end, it’s just that writing these stories is so much fun. I hope some of it spills over to you!

Unterschrift ohne Weiss

Bernhard Sterchi, Managing Partner and Brainwave Oscillator, Palladio Trusted Advisers

p.s. In case you are, as a leader, thinking about developing your own company’s book of leader’s fairytales – let’s talk…

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